Sampling Atlas cedar forests in Morocco for DNA analyses is completed. After DNA extraction, each sample will be sequenced on an Illumina sequencer (HiSeq) using a shotgun approach, with the goal of obtaining at least six million sequence reads. This approach is called “genome skimming”. It will allow us to assemble the whole chloroplast genome, the great majority of the mitochondrial genome, and the nuclear ribosomal tandem repeats.
Data collection completed. Publication on its way ...
Sampling Podocarpus for DNA analyses in Africa was carried out in a close collaboration with the AFRIFORD project. For a detailed description of the DNA analyses please visit the AFRIFORD project web page.
Published work
Sampling Fagus longipetiolata fresh leaves for DNA analyses in China is completed.
Publication underway...
Fagus longipetiolata in China
Sampling of Podocarpus in South America for DNA analyses is completed.
Fagus longipetiolata in China